Infrastructure Management Group Pty Ltd is a professional road, footpath and kerb survey company. We pride ourself on providing the highest quality of data capture possible.

Since 1996 we have supplied asset assessment services to over 150 councils, many state road authorities and numerous international governments.

Each year we undertake thousands of kilometres of road & footpath condition survey using the most advanced automated video & laser assessment technology available and yet we also maintain the in house staff and expertise to provide traditional foot based field inspections of road corridor and open space assets. In fact we have more full time qualified field inspectors than any other service provider in Australia.

Our services at glance

Video or Field based Inventory & Condition Surveys including:

  •    Road Pavements
  •    Laneways
  •    Footpaths & Shared Footways
  •    Kerbs & Roadside Drainage Structures


  •    Laser Measured Road Network Roughness Surveys
  •    High Definition Laser Road Network Rutting Surveys
  •    Laser Measured project Roughness & Rut testing
  •    Falling Weight  Deflectometer (FWD) Road Strength Testing


  •    GIS layer creation and spatial registration of road reserve and open space assets
  •    Road network long term condition monitoring
  •    Road network predictive modelling & capital works programing
  •    Road Asset Financial modelling